We'll happily help you with France's Tax Rebate. Don't hesitate to contact us. You can read the short summary below, for more informations visit CNC’s website.

. Only live-action fiction films are eligible.

. Eligible expenses (relating to the digital processing of shots) need to reach a minimum of €2M.

. Production will have to pass a test/questionary to qualify (Excuse My French or Film France will help you fill in the form).

. The tax rebate amounts to 40% of the eligible pre-tax expenditures if the French VFX expenses are more than €2M.

. VFX-related spends are expenses carried out by a service provider established in France and related to digital processing of shots allowing the addition of characters, decorative elements or objects participating in the action, or modifying the rendering of the scene, or the camera point of view.

. The tax rebate is capped at €30 million per project

. Eligible expenditures are taken into account at up to 80% of the total budget

. The TRIP is available to companies that are subject to corporate income tax in France and/or act as the production services company for the sequences filmed or made in France.

. Qualifying expenditures start at the date of reception of a provisional application.

. A full list of qualifying expenditures is available on CNC's website.

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