We are VFX Supervisors with over 25 years of experience in the film industry.

Our founders, Marc Jouveneau and Yann Blondel have worked on major feature film projects including The Last Duel, Fight Club, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Lord of War and Casino Royale.

We have deep experience in all VFX-related technologies and work across all production stages: from script development (involving creative discussions) and early days financial breakdowns, to prep, physical production and post-production.

Based in Paris, we seek to work with international productions looking for high quality standards and out-of-the box thinking.

We work directly in your interests, ensuring decisions meet both budget and narrative expectations. We’re focused on delivery of the final product.

We work quickly and efficiently in close collaboration with you with a no-nonsense, straight-forward approach.

We’re keen on being involved at the earliest stage of your project and support it until its completion. Working with Producers and Directors, we assess and manage the VFX needs from script development through to final delivery.

We function like a digital hub facilitating communication between producers, directors, film crews and VFX facilities in the interest of the movie.

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